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Why website design is important?

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

A website undeniably a digital asset for all businesses. A website is essentially a digital shopfront allowing consumers with information and connecting buyers with businesses.

The global pandemic has led people to connect more and more digitally. During lockdown periods people have used technology to stay connected and shoppers were shopping online at an increasing rate. Websites were - more than ever - digital shopfronts - allowing people to shop for goods and services from the comfort and safety of their homes. Having a website has now become a vital tool for all businesses - both product and serviced-based businesses alike.

A great website should be:

  • Informative;

  • Attractive to buyers;

  • Easy to navigate; and

  • Mobilised for laptops/PCs and mobile devices. A great website should be:

Increase Brand Value

When designing a website it's important to consider branding and messaging. Along with an interesting scenic design, equally important is colour, font choice, high-resolution static images, even potentially videos.

Let's be honest, you only have one chance at a first impression and the look and feel of a website is the first thing people notice when they hit a site. Your ideal clients need to instantly see the value of your brand to connect with it and trust you in order to buy from you.

Building Trust

Every purchase we make is emotional and largely based on trust. Read that again. A website is the first indication of whether a consumer will trust you, so they need to quickly connect with the brand.

How though?

In order to build this trust quickly we recommend including in your website:

  • Who you are and your story;

  • What you offer and how it differs from other businesses;

  • A clear idea of your brand and how you can help THEM;

  • A tone that speaks to the consumer and uses words they can understand

  • Testimonials from buyers.

Let's look at an example. Consider you're looking for a new accountant. You google 'Best accountant in [area]' and click on a website and the website contains only a picture of the owner ... or worse, the front of the building, and a phone number to call them. There is no brand story, you know nothing about the owner of the business, you have no idea whether you can trust them with your books through testimonials. So, you leave and click on the next website. We've all done it before right?

Improve SEO and Conversions Rates

Keywords and content are key! After all if you don't get people to visit your website you can't convert or sell to them. And, without use of keywords Google won't recognise the website and rank it highly. It's that simple.

So, content needs to include keywords (search terms) and content that is relevant and searchable. We recommend using headings and sub-headings, adding alt terms to all images. Most importantly though, consider adding a blog to your website that incorporates keywords and search terms - on all websites.

Expand Your Market

Websites aren't only about buyers. Having a great website can also increase your chances of attracting partners, investors and collaborations with other businesses. No matter the size of your business, having a digital presence in the form of a website really is key to your business success and growth.

Is it time to revisit your website? Maybe it needs a refresh of design, content and images? If you answered yes to either of these questions then let's chat today. Got a question? Reach out here and I'd love to help

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