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The benefit of doing when you are not ready.

Updated: Apr 19

Have you ever set goals for yourself and found yourself shifting the goal post for the goals because it doesn't feel like the right time?

Maybe your goal is to run a marathon. You keep shifting the goal and telling yourself yourself "one day, I'll get there one day" because right now you aren't physically and emotionally ready and you just can't get the motivation to get started. One day!

I understand. When I ran my first marathon I wasn't fully prepared. I wasn't fully prepared when I launched my business.

I'd spent so long thinking "one day I will" and my goals weren't being achieved. Life wasn't changing. And I was miserable, thinking up all the things I would do. One day!

Have you ever postponed your goals because you think it's not the right time?

Then one day I asked myself what would actually happen if I started now, if 'one day was today?

Then I asked myself what would I learn if I just took action?

By asking myself these questions I was starting to overcome my fear - the fear of not knowing. We don't know what we don't know, We are ready when we are not ready.

What is the benefit of taking action when you're not ready? Here are a few tips:

  • See mistakes are opportunities to learn - each time you make a mistake take the time to figure out what you learnt from making that mistake. Consider what you would do differently if you had the chance again.

  • Open yourself to new opportunities - allowing yourself to be open to new opportunities will lead to growth.

  • Expand your skills - who knows what could be possible if you gave something a chance. Open yourself to these opportunities by being willing to expand your skillset.

  • Access new information - by doing something when you aren't 100% ready you're opening yourself to finding new ways of doing things and accessing new information.

The time is now.

What is one step you can take today to reach your goal? Share with me in a comment below or book in for a chat with me about what you have in mind!

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