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How often do we need update a website?

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Your website is a key business asset. Consider your website as your digital shopfront. When you have a physical shopfront (even if you work from home) there's maintenance required - for example, maybe your office needs a lick of paint and some art on the walls to inspire your work. Similarly your website - as your digital shopfront - also needs maintenance. Why? because your website shows how you operate as a business and is a tool to measure your business value along with a place to sell yourself or your goods. So, how often should you update your website?

Content update

Content on a website is key. We cannot emphasise the importance of content enough. The content on your website will influence:

  • your organic (non paid) ranking on Google making you easier to find;

  • increase traffic to your site (so make it easier to sell yourself or your products); and

  • showcase you or your products.

Think of your content in a similar way to fast fashion - in the way you keep up with current trends and changes to Google algorithms (i.e. the way Google ranks your site) which change all the time.

We recommend updating blog content (which Google LOVES) approximately every two to four weeks or so. If you update or change business information - for example changing prices, packages or adding new services - we recommend updating your website with the changes as soon as possible.

Images update

Images on your website represent your brand value. Using great images across your website helps your audience to instantly connect with your brand and build trust. It's a great idea to update the imagery on your website every year - this includes both product and service images. If you have personal images of you on your website we recommend considering updating them on your website.

Feel like it's the right time to refresh your website or branding? If the answer is yes reach out here and let's chat about how we can improve your most important digital asset.

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